Tor Proxy Bundle


Thank you for taking the interest to donate!

Donations can be used to buy a new domain, a server, a new life (for me, lol).

I think most of the money will go towards my personal spending in the beginning. Funding me would give me more motivation and an alternate source of income, if I somehow get more money than freelancing, I can work on ProxAllium full time and therefore you will benefit indirectly! Sort of like hiring me to work on ProxAllium.

I have plans to buy a new domain and a new server (VPS) if I get enough monthly donations. I can use the server to run a Tor server so that you guys can have an .onion entry point to this website.

Ways to donate

  1. Salt (by Bountysource) - Monthly contributions and one-time donations. (Flat 10% fee for withdrawing funds)

  2. Liberapay - Weekly/Monthly/Yearly contributions, accepts $ and €. (No fee is taken by these folks, some fee taken by payment processor to withdraw)

  3. Bitcoin - You can send some coins to 19tt7iRnkDX8BTf9EPRZ3f5jwvdd14fEUs ;)

  4. Monero - Or donate anonymously with your precious Monero! 4ALDqNKsfPfKrE4uLV4WzRZqsXG1ELVi9bdoCF814et4KjVSQusAA86Ni8mmDTbmX2MTMmVQ9ShDWMZBC7fdUH5QFA23TD2

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If you want to donate by any other means, please feel free to contact me at my public email: